Terms & Policy

It is agreed between “bizznap.com” & “Customer/Clients” as follows.
  • AD Promote - bizznap.com is the platform for online advertise promotions. Not that we promise to advertise promotion or submit on other sites.
  • AD Information - I am giving my store, shop, products and business details like address, phone number, mobile number, email, website link, open hours, offers, business and services information to bizznap.com with my permission. Bizznap.com does not take any responsibility for leak information.
  • One Time Fee- Advertising on Bizznap.com takes onetime fee for one year to promote.
  • Packages - I understand the Bizznap.com online advertising services and its rate and package.
  • Go Online - Your ad will be online at bizznap.com after 15 working days for that must submit the required document and information for the first time.
  • Changes in AD - Once your ad is online on bizznap.com, if you want any changes to your ad. Then it will have to pay an additional charge to bizznap.com.
  • No Refundable Fee - Once your ad is online on bizznap.com. Whatever package or services you have selected, the fee will not be refunded by bizznap.com.
  • AD Display - My ad which category or packages is selected will be display only in that. Like local or B2B, city or area.
  • No Promising - - Any of my stores, shop, products and business will give marketing lead or inquiry. Bizznap.com does not provide such a promise or responsibility.
  • SMS Services - SMS service of bizznap.com is chargeable. If the SMS service is required then the costumer / client will have to pay a separate charge.
  • AD Renewal - According to bizznap.com's terms and policy, your ad is shown for one year. If costumer / client do not renew your ad then ad will be disabled on bizznap.com. Costumer / client needs to renew your ad.
  • Copyrights Issue - I will be responsible for the copyrights issue of any documents, information and data like logo / identity, photos, images, visiting cards, manual / menu, booklet, catalogue and all its shop, store, products and business. Bizznap.com will not be responsive to this.
  • AD Size - The size of the AD shown on bizznap.com is 400px x 400px. I have no objection on that.
  • AD Design - The Bizznap.com will have the right to finalize the AD Design. I have no objection on that.
  • Payment Policy - You pay 100% advance payment to your ad to bizznap.com. After that bizznap.com will start working on it.
  • Cheque Returns - If you have paid by Cheque, then for some reason it is Cheque Returns, then costumer / client will have to pay a penalties according to the current bank rules.
  • Technical Issue- If the bizznap.com website closes due to any server down or technical issue, the problem will soon be resolved by bizznap.com soon.
  • Understood - - I have read everything about the terms and conditions given by bizznap.com. I understand and I accept it.